The goals of PHOENIX project (1 January 2006 - 31 December 2007) are to establish stronger research partnership and networking across national boundaries. The key to success and stability in the region depends on creating an environment where development of the area's resources proceeds relatively unhindered, and where the profits of that development can be re-invested into the development of the region as a whole. It's important to improve and identify communication between Central Asia and Europe.

CA countries share a culture and a way of living enriched by many centuries of experience as the mediators of social, artistic, scientific, religious and commercial exchange between East and the West. Today it offers a wide arena for Social Sciences and Humanities community to promote and protect the cultural heritage. CA traditions and experience may provide a fresh view of many scholarly problems, not because they are better but because some of their understandings and biases are different from those that are common in Europe.

Through workshops, training courses, video links, virtual conferences and mapping of the SSH community in Central Asia, PHOENIX will create the basis for future cooperation and will raise the consciousness and common understanding between different SSH communities.

Special efforts are intended to involve PhD students from CA. The most important expected outcomes of PHOENIX are that the activities for Central Asia SSH communities will lead to successful cooperation projects in Framework Programs.

PHOENIX is a Specific Support Action project funded within "Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-Based Society" programme in the Sixth Framework Programme by the European Commission.