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Organisation Legal Name Naryn State University
Year of foundation 1996 Legal Status public
Legal Address of the organisation
Street Name and Number 47, Sagynbay Orozbak str.
Postal Code 722600
Town/City Naryn
Country Name Kyrgyzstan
Fields of research
Humanities Linguistics, Psychology
Social Sciences Business and Administrative Sciences, Economics, Law, Pedagogy and Education Research, Political Sciences
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Number of employees
(from them with PhD)
Web-site http://nsu.to.kg
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Framework Programmes
or other cooperation projects
NSU currently cooperates with three American universities: the University of Great Falls, Montana State University, and the University in California at Chico. Through University Invitation, five volunteers from the USA, Japan, and Great Britain have worked as teachers of the English language at the university. Since 2000, NSU has cooperated with the University of Great Falls and six NSU students have passed one-year training at that university. With a view on the development of furthering international educational programs, NSU maintains close connection with ACCELS, IREX, and DAAD. NSU also cooperates with the Soros Fund in Kyrgyzstan, UNDP, ACCELS, the Winrox Institute, the U.S. Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, and the Peace Corps.
Person representing the organisation
Title and Function Rector Gender (F/M) m
Family Name Akmataliev
First Name Almazbek
Telephone No +996 (3522) 50816 Fax No +996 (3522) 50814
E-mail nsu@ktnet.kg

Participant Activity Profile

Fields of research:



1. The Agrarian Technical Department                          

2. The Department of New Information Technologies

3. The Philological Department                  

4. The Department of Foreign Languages

5. The Department of Natural and Humanitarian

6. The Department of Economy, Business, and Administration

7. The Department of Social and Political Science


List of Main publications:

We have a lot of publications in the field methodology of  teaching and education.


List of successful grants/projects


  •  April 2003: 13.978. US International Department and Youth and Students Union.  Granted by the Democratic Commission of  the US Embassy Kyrgyzstan  for opening an Internet-center at NSU. This project is a target program for granting free  Internet access to students and teachers at NSU.
  • February 2003: 30,000. Granted by the US Embassy. This project is meant to increase the level of academic honesty in NSU. Through this program 4 students visited the US and  its universities. (September 20 -and October 5 2003)
  • September 2002: Granted by Eurasia Fund and the  BishkeK Financial-Economic Academy. Opened a consulting center for educating the unemployed people of Naryn in business basics and computer literacy through a one year program. 4 computers were bought with these funds and teachers employed.
  • May 2002: EdNet (Resource network for  economic and business education) supported a project to improvement  the quality of education for students in economics through buying up-to-date textbooks.

·         April 2002: Soros Fund - Kyrgyzstan has supported a project on the further cooperation between NSU and University of Great-Falls (USA) in the field of university management  The Rector of NSU Akmataliev A.A. participated in an one month exchange program with Great Falls through this project.

·         February 2001: PROON has supported a project between NSU and OO Ilim Bulagy for reconstructing the student dormitory.

·         2001:Soros Fund-Kyrgyzstan. Formation of a Resource Center where Students can study English, as well as recieve consultation on participation in educational programs.

·         December 2000: Soros Fund Kyrgyzstan has supported the project NSU and OO Ilim Bulagy on development of an academic journal of ecology in the Naryn region. This project has allowed 6 secondary schools in Naryn and the surrounding region to conduct raining programs on the ecologies of the native region. Computer technology was given on the grounds of an agreement.

  • July 2000: 250 textbooks were granted on accounting, world economy, management and marketing to the economic faculty of NSU.
  • January 2000: Youth Program of the Soros Fund Kyrgyzstan sponsored the opening of a debate club and the  viewing the telecasts in English. Through this grant 300 English Literature books and 1 tape recorder was purchased.
  • August 2000: Youth Program, Soros Fund Kyrgyzstan.  Grant was given for education about  computer technology and INTERNET amongst student, aquisition of the literature on computer technology and INTERNET- 50 textbooks.
  • 1999: 153.764 som. Step by Step and Soros-Kyrgyzstan. Pedagogical textbooks recieved. .
  • March 1999: NSU and Pedagogical College opened  a pedagogical laboratory through Step by Step . This laboratory is dedicated to preparing  future teachers on methods of early childhood education. It is a  2 year program. In 2000, members of the pedagogical laboratory participated in five seminars in both Alma-Aty and Bishkek.
  • December 1998: International Institute of  Language and New Information Technology gave a grant to by English texbooks in order to increase the level of English language.
  • 688 textbooks have been granted between 1996 1997 by the Soros Fund Kyrgyzstan.
  • From Peace Corps computer equipment was purchaced for NSU Debate club.

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We hope to cooperate in joint project in the field of education.


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We are looking for Universities as partner especially European University. We are planning to introduce Bologna Process to our Naryn Sate University.


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On May 22, 1996, Kyrgyz President decreed that measures should be taken to encourage the intellectual, scientific, and economic potential of the Naryn Region. Naryn State University was formed with this purpose in mind. The mission of NSU is the preparation, through higher education, of skilled experts in the natural sciences and the humanities, as well as in pedagogy, law, economy, and agriculture.The current Rector of Naryn State University is Professor Almazbek Akmataliev. The staff of Naryn State University consists of 153 teachers, 36 of which are doctoral candidates in the sciences. Ten Doctors of Science cooperate with the university. For the 2003/04 academic year, NSU had 4250 students. For lectures and seminars, NSU faculty members actively engage students through advanced teaching techniques and the use of computer technology and audio-video equipment. The Senior Department of Naryn State University works jointly with scientific institutes within the Republic, the CIS, and abroad to conduct research. Every year university scientists carry out research projects financed by the state budget and other independent financial sources. Conferences are also periodically held on scientific themes and methodology where new subjects of research are issued. Since 2001, 35 students have carried out their research through the NSU post-graduate program. Also through the post-graduate program, five young teachers are working in Russian high schools. From the moment of its formation, NSU has conducted eight conferences on science and scientific methods, held seven scientific excursions, university scientists of have published seven works, 14 research projects have been completed, and two master's theses have been successfully defended.