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Organisation Legal Name Association of educational establishments "Education Network"
Year of foundation 2003 Legal Status private non-profit
Legal Address of the organisation
Street Name and Number 479A, Jibek Jolu str.
Postal Code 720040
Town/City Bishkek
Country Name Kyrgyzstan
Fields of research
Humanities Pedagogical and Educational Research
Social Sciences Business and Administrative Sciences, Economics, International relations, Pedagogy and Education Research
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Web-site http://www.ednet.edu.kg
Participation in
Framework Programmes
or other cooperation projects
Tempus Tacis project Central Asian Applied Research Project Transparency in Education (EFCA)- "Development of career centers in Higher Education Institutions in Kyrgyzstan" "Providing access to Internet" program of Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan "Reformation of higher education: development of quality assurance model for the universities of Kyrgyzstan" with support of Soros foundation Kyrgyzstan "Teaching excellence through implementation of case study methodology and development of case based on KR businesses" with support of OSCE office in Bishkek
Person representing the organisation
Title and Function Executive Director Gender (F/M) f
Family Name Bragina
First Name Natalia
Telephone No +996 312 900 820 Fax No +996 312 900 830
E-mail nbragina@career.kg

Participant Activity Profile

Fields of research:

  • Pedagogy and Education Research
  • Business and Administrative Sciences
  • Economics



List of Main publications:


Guidance for transition to ECTS in the Kyrgyz Republic”  2005.

That was prepared within SCM Tempus project in the light of transition to Bologna process for HEIs of Central Asian countries.


List of successful grants/projects


  • “Development of ECTS compliant first-cycle convergent curriculum in Economics”. July, 2004-August, 2005. Jointly with TeachEx Academy.
  • Structural and Complementary Measure Project “Elaboration of Strategy for Transition to ECTS in Kyrgyz Republic”. November, 2004-September, 2005. In collaboration with St Martin College (Great Britain), Pirkanmaa Polytechnic (Finland), Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • School of Economic Journalism” jointly with AkiPress Information Agency, TeachEx Academy and Asian Universal Bank. November, 2005.
  • International workshop “Student services in higher education”. March 2006. Jointly with Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, Canada) and Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University. Other partners: CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and AUCC (Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada)
  • International training on “Strategic Management” in cooperation with Bishkek Business Club, Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Pacific Resource Exchange Centre and Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship. February 2006.
  • International Study tours for University administration on actual issues of Higher Education.


 Please describe your idea of cooperation project

We are deeply interested to find partners for our planned acctivities and projects on the following topics:

Case Study project

Project mission: to provide wider introduction of new teaching methods within educational process in the light of transition of Central Asian HEIs to credit technologies.


  • To select, train and consult progressive faculty who are widely implementing or extremely intersted in the new teaching methods
  • To conduct a competition on writing the best Case Studies
  • To publish Case Studies book for the dissemination through universities
  • To conduct those events on the regular basis in order to form a critical mass of high-quality case studies and faculty who are able to writ them and use widely while teaching

Request to partners:

Expertise, information, experienced trainers, evaluation, cost sharing


ECTS project

Project mission: transformation of educational system in HEIs of CA to ECTS in the light of the Bologna process 


  • Trainings for HEIs administrators and faculty on ECTS introduction
  • Practical consulting
  • Activities on transition experience received from SCM Tempus project to HEIs
  • Publications of guidabce and manuals related to ECTS introduction for the universities


Request to partners:

Expertise, information, experienced trainers, evaluation, cost sharing


Study tours to EU contries

Mission of the project: to provide CA HEIs administrators and faculty with up-to-date and practical knowledge and experience on university management, reformation in the light of the Bologna process and to assist in the establishing contacts with partner EU HEIs.


  • To organize visits to EU universities
  • To arrange meeitngs and other public events in order to present problems of CA HEIs and discuss with EU partners
  • To provide strengtening links between EU and CA HEIs


Request to partners:

Expertise, information, hosting of faculty from Central Asuian countries, arranging visits, meetings and events, cost sharing


Marketing service at HEI

Mission of the project: to develop a professional Marketing Units in HEIs of Central Asia in the light of reformation and privatization of universities and make them sustainable on the educational services market


  • To select a network of pilot HEIs that should establish Marketing Unit in their HEIs
  • To select, train and consult progressive administrators and faculty who are in charge or want to be involved in work of moder Marketing Unit in HEI
  • To conduct trainngs, seminars, study tours for those candidates
  • To establish the Units


Request to partners:

Expertise, information, experienced trainers, evaluation, cost sharing


  We are open to develop any other projects that are interesting to our member institutions from Central Asia and also we can be resource center, information point and training center for EU and CA HEIs and their joint projects.


Please describe the potential partner you are looking for

Universities, Institutions, Schools, Associations of HEIs and NGOs that are progressive, open to collaboration, want to establish long-term fruitful partnership with Central Asian HEIs and Associations.



 Please describe expertise you are looking for


 Experienced administrators, trainers and researchers in the fields of universoty management, education, business, economics and management.


 Please describe expertise you can offer


  • Development, writing, administration, participation in variuos projects with involvement of HEIs from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan
  • Experience and desire to collaborate with EU HEIs on development and promotion of various projects for its member institutions 
  • Information and selection of HEIs from CA countries upon the request and needs of EU partners. We have wide range of member HEIs from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan of different ownership and size that are successfully developing, open to collaboration and experienced in international projects with EU and other partners
  • Wide network of member universities united by membership, information exchange, joint projects and events
  • Experience of organization of trainings, seminars, conferences and other events
  • Strong team with fundraising and project writing experience
  • Office of the Association located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan with all necessary facilities and equipment for organizing events.



 Any other information

 Association of Educational Establishments EdNet was created in 2003 within the project “Education Network” supported by USAID. Mission of the organization was to assist in the development of business and economics education in Central Asia through strengthening universities cooperation.

From the time of its creation EdNet has carried out many successful activities. Some of them are:

  • Central Asian competition on case studies with publication of best case studies in the EdNet journal;
  • Variety of trainings and seminars for university administrators and faculty on credit technologies, ethics, self-evaluation and academic quality;
  • Annual conferences for all EdNet members from Central Asia;
  • Informative web-site;
  • Academy of higher education TeachEx that offers professional programs for faculty and researchers in Economics and Management;
  • Other activities.


Due to the national priorities on shortening a gap between business and education and bringing together universities and business EdNet is widening its mission and activities in 2006.

The mission of EdNet is “to assist in the development and integration of business and education in the Central Asian countries in purpose of increasing economic potential of the region”.

Main directions of activities are:

Development and reformation of education:

  • Introduction of two-level degree system Bachelor/Master
  • Introduction of credit technologies
  • Rising of academic quality
  • Improvement of university management


Assistance in the development of business:

  • Development and promotion of professional business trainings
  • Organization of thematic seminars and round tables for businesses


Integration of business and education:

  • Applied researches on economics and business
  • Joint case studies based on real practices
  • Assistance in the career building and job placement of students and graduates
  • Researches of labour market demand
  • Involvement of businesses in the process of formation of educational programs and curriculum
  • Practical teaching of students