Participant Profile

Legal information on the participating organisation
Organisation Legal Name Uzbek National Society of Young Scientists
Year of foundation 1999 Legal Status NGO
Legal Address of the organisation
Street Name and Number St. Y.Gulyamova 70
Postal Code 700047
Town/City Tashkent
Country Name Uzbekistan
Fields of research
Social Sciences
Organisation details
Number of employees
(from them with PhD)
Web-site http://nsys.freenet.uz
Participation in
Framework Programmes
or other cooperation projects
NCEEER, IFEAC,IREX, Counterpart Consortium
Person representing the organisation
Title and Function Executive director Gender (F/M) F
Family Name Madaeva
First Name Shakhnoza
Telephone No 998-71-133-72-73 Fax No 998-71-133-72-73
E-mail shaxnozahon@yandex.ru

Participant Activity Profile

Fields of research:


Social Anthropology

History & Philosophy of Science, Religion


List of Main publications:


1. The role of holy places in the national-spiritual development of Uzbek people// Scientific-analytic bulletin of Islam UniversityN4,2004.

2. The role of sacral and holy places in the formation of the Uzbek mentality// Public opinion-human rights,N3.2005

3. Sacred places of Kashkadarya and their role in the modern society// Public opinion-human rights ,N 4. 2005 


List of successful grants/projects:


1999-2002  The State Committee for science and techniques of the Uzbekistan Republic  

                   «Investigation of world experience against struggle of extremism». Position: 


2000-2002 The State Committee for science and techniques of the republic of Uzbekistan 

                   «Elaboration conception of national fostering». Position: philosopher-analytic  

2002-2003             Joint project with French Institute of Central Asian Study (IFEAC) «Religious situation in Central Asia». Position: philosopher.  

2003-2006   The State Center of Science and Technology. «Studying of democratic processes,

                     mentality, culture, traditions in Fergana valley». Position: leader of the project.

2003-2004 NCEEER: Collectivization in Uzbekistan:   “Oral Histories ” Position the 


2005-2007         The State Center of Science and Technology. “Ethno integration processes in Central   

                   Asia. (XVI-XIX centuries)” Position: philosopher-analytic.

2006-2007 Project with financial support from Embassy the USA in UzbekistanHistory of Religious tolerance in Uzbekistan Position: philosopher-analytic    



Please describe your idea of cooperation project:


1.Integration and the conflict in traditional mahalla of Uzbekistan

2.   Studying the history of holy places and sites of the Soviet period in Uzbekistan using oral history method




Please describe the potential partner you are looking for


I want financial support from foreign funds. 


Please describe expertise you are looking for


1.To learn the methods of publishing the results of research in the form of articles in Western social anthropology journals.

2.To learn the experience of Western social anthropology in the field of studying national properties.



Please describe expertise you can offer 


1. To acquaint European scholars who are interested in Central Asia and Uzbekistan with role of holy places in modern Uzbek society.

2. To show the particular motivations of Uzbek spiritual mentality.